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2009-03-08 23:08:28 by FlipStik


Haha, I figured Irradiated wouldn't be very popular, but I atleast expected the small 17 listeners to have the guts to rate it, and comment telling me what they liked, didn't like, and tips to get better. Anyway, I've been working on new tunes, but I'm pulling blanks. My friend took one small tune, and changed it and made it sound awesome, but I'm not gonna take credz for his work, and It was only about 30 seconds, anyway.

I've still got the demo of FL Studio 8, but I'm planning to get the full version soon, and hopefully that will result in better songs. Until then, you're just going to have to wait! Sorry. XD If anyone wants to make a donation to help me get it faster, just send them to:

86753 09 Street
St. Yudaho, Idaho
90357 U.S.A. Earth

Haha, by the way, if you haven't realised yet, that was a joke..

Anyway, Until Next time Newgrounds!




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2009-03-10 03:12:45


(Updated ) FlipStik responds: